3 hot ticket rivalries

Seahawks, 49ers tickets lead most expensive Rivalry Game premiums on secondary market Jesse Lawrence

Print This August 19, 2014, 09:30 PM EST

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With all teams having already played a preseason game, the NFL season is almost upon us. The schedule has been known since back in April, and tickets for games have been on the secondary market for months. While prices have fluctuated from team to team, one common trend is a large premium for some of the top rivalry games in the NFL.

Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers

Last season the two NFC West rivals met in the NFC Championship game. The Seattle Seahawks won what was an incredibly physical affair, then won the Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos the following week. For the 49ers it was their third straight trip to the NFC Championship game, and was just a season after the team lost in the Super Bowl to the Baltimore Ravens.

These two teams are quickly becoming the greatest rivals in the league. On top of two top teams, the rivalry features several personal gripes, including the famed feud between 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree and Seahawks corner Richard Sherman. So it’s not shocking that there is a hefty price and premium for either game. Seattle Seahawks tickets have an average price of $495.22 for a 25 percent premium over their season average. While San Francisco 49ers tickets at Levi’s Stadium have an average price if $542.46 on the secondary market for a premium of 51 percent of their season average.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Before the 49ers and Seahawks were the premiere rivalry in sports, that distinction belonged to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. The two have met in the postseason several times, and have each won a Super Bowl in recent years. Their games were always among the most watched and physical of the NFL season. While the two teams had down years last year, the rivalry hasn’t lost much luster.

For starters the two teams split the games last season, and even with all their struggles, each managed to finish 8-8. This season both teams have a realistic shot at making the postseason again, making the games between the AFC North rivals a must watch series. Baltimore Ravens tickets have a 55 percent premium over the season average in Baltimore with a an average price of of $301.73. Steelers tickets in Pittsburgh have a 27 percent premium over the season average with a $249.25 average price.

Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

Finally there is a series that is one of the oldest in the NFL. Two premier franchises in the NFL, the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers, have been going at it for years. While the Packers have more or less dominated the NFC North in recent history, the Bears are starting to emerge. This season experts are picking them as the most likely competitors to the Packers, and a team that could ultimately surprise people.

Chicago Bears tickets also have one of the highest averages in the league, making this rivalry one of the most expensive. The game in Chicago is averaging $576.20 for the game, which is a 53 percent premium over their season average. That’s the most expensive game of any on this list. Green Bay Packers tickets have a 38 percent premium when the Bears are in town with a $296.30 average for a Sunday Night Football Game Week 10.

In the NFL, rivalry games are always the more watched games. When it comes to division games, they’re usually close regardless of records. With these three rivalries the stakes are even higher, with all six teams having realistic playoff aspirations to go along with a storied past. If the prices are any indication, these games will be tons of fun to watch 

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