5 traits of an NFL dynasty

Observations from top football people all agree on these five components in building a dynasty. Jack Bechta

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3) An owner committed to winning and not just profits: Like in most businesses winning starts at the top. When owners are focused on just the bottom line, the jobs of the football people are compromised. Some owners want to run the show and let their ego and or insecurities get in the way of making decisions. Others will handcuff the GM from spending their cap maximum.

4) A great scouting department, system and philosophy: Some of the best teams in the NFL have the least turnover in their scouting departments. A team's scouting department is their R&D and helps to keep the pipeline full of talent just like great pharmaceutical companies do with new drugs. The Polians weren’t fired because they were bad at their job. The Colts are winning with a lot of their picks and player acquisitions. They were most likely fired because they didn’t have an answer at the backup QB position when Peyton went down. A dynasty will have an answer for every position on the field. GM John Schneider in Seattle is a great scout. Always has been and always will be. He fell in love with Russell Wilson and cross checked what he saw with his coaches and area scouts to make sure they all agreed they saw the same thing. That one pick has helped to change the direction of a franchise.

5) Coaches who develop young players: With the cap limiting teams from stock piling all the talent, they have to develop young players. Late round picks and undrafted free agents can take years to develop. Look at the Steelers S Ryan Clark and LB James Harrison. They were young players who struggled early in their careers but with patience developed into pro bowl caliber players. When the Bucs drafted S John Lynch in 1993, the Bucs almost cut him as a rookie. The Coaches pleaded with GM Rich McKay for a chance to work with him. Rich gave the coaches a chance and John developed into a nine time pro bowl player. Jim Harbaugh’s staff is full of good teachers and it shows. Coaching is teaching and with the fast moving carousel that is NFL coaching, a lot of the teaching part gets lost. If your team is not developing the bottom of the roster they will get exposed when injuries pile up or when they lose their best players to free agency.

With the hiring of new coaches and or a GM, your team has a chance of laying the foundation for dynasty building. It takes a while to pour the foundation and get the cycle going. However, once it's in place, time becomes a friend and no longer the shadowy enemy.

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