A scout’s look inside the Penn State program

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Since Monday I have been very disturbed about the Penn St scandal. I read the 23-page indictment and to say it was the most shocking thing I have ever read in my life is an understatement. Before I comment on the scandal, let me give you my view of what it’s like to visit Penn State as a scout.

I made my first visit to State College in 1984 when I was an area scout for National Scouting. It was a cross-check school for me so I only had to spend one day there. I quickly found out that it was easier to get information about things at the CIA than it was at Penn State.

Joe Paterno is not and never has been a “friend” of the NFL. He has a love for the college game but as far as the pro game, he could give a damn. He made it very difficult to get information. For several years Penn State has been open to scouts only a week or two all season (most years just 1 week) and that was usually their bye week. On more than one occasion when I have gone there, I would get to the school only to find out that they have “closed” practice for that day so my trip was a waste of both time and money. For those of you who have never been to Penn State, it’s not the easiest place to get to. It sits in the middle of the State of Pennsylvania and is at least a 2

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