Adams: Titans can’t keep losing like this

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Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams couldn't believe what he was watching as his team was routed 55-7 Sunday by the Green Bay Packers.

But the soon-to-be 90-year-old owner will wait until after the end of the season to begin his evaluation of the coaching staff and players for next season.

He stopped short of saying that a housecleaning was coming, but in an exclusive interview with, Adams said, “Watching that thing all day long, I couldn't believe that we couldn't get something going to score, but it just wasn't possible to do it.”

Regarding the direction of the franchise, Adams said, “We can't keep losing games like we lost today, and I mean it. We've played some good games and looked pretty good at times. But we just need to sit down and go over everything, which not making any decision now. I have to sit down with them and get their views and their points on things and go from there. I'll be talking with them as soon as the season is over with, so we can see what it looks like down there.”

Adams will give Mike Munchak, Ruston Webster and Mike Reinfeldt the opportunity to explain and offer ideas on what is wrong with the Titans, but seemed to say that everyone is on a short leash.

“If we're gonna end up next year the same way, I'm not gonna be very happy. We've got to do something to make this thing work. We're the low team on the scoreboard, and that's no fun,” Adams said. “If we're gonna lose like this, a lot of our customers aren't going to stay with us. …We just have to get into it and find out what is the answer to the problem and what we need to do and get on to that.”

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