‘Adjusting’ to the ball? Check out Appalachian State’s Brian Quick

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There is plenty of buzz about the top WR prospects heading into the NFL Draft (Blackmon, Floyd, Wright, etc.), but this is a deep class at the position. And one of those prospects that should carry a mid-round grade is Brain Quick out of Appalachian State. Size (6-3, 222) and athletic ability that I saw at the Senior Bowl practices in team drills and one-on-one sessions.

Today, let’s take a look at Quick in the red zone, breakdown the route concept and discuss his ability to adjust to the ball—a key in the grading process for WRs that I broke down this morning.

A couple of coaching points here…

– Appalachian State is in an empty look vs. Cover 2. A formation we see throughout college football because of spread offensive systems. However, check out the pre-snap alignment of Quick (No.2 to the open side of the formation). Whenever you have a top WR aligned out of position, he is there for one reason: to get the ball.

– Base route concept: Smash-Seam. A smart call vs. Cover 2. Force the CB to sit (or squat) on the Smash route and create a one-on-one matchup with Quick vs. the deep half safety in the end zone. Stem the route up the numbers and go to work on the safety.

– Talked about “adjusting to the ball” above. This is a perfect example. Seam route with the ball thrown on the back shoulder. Here we see Quick use his athletic ability—and body control—to find the throw, take the hit and finish the play.

This is just one clip (or highlight) of the Appalachian State WR. However, in talking with NFL scouts back in January after practice sessions in Mobile, there was a reason his name kept coming up. And everyone is looking for size at the WR position.

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