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Adrian Peterson weighs in on future

Vikings running back discusses future Aaron Wilson

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Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson is contemplating his future.

How much longer shelf life does Peterson have with the Vikings now that he's 29 years old?

He noted the departures of Jared Allen and Percy Harvin from the roster.

"You couldn't have told me that at least two or three of those guys wouldn't still be here," Peterson told USA Today. "It just goes to show how the business is. Ultimately, the organization is going to do what they feel is best for their team.

"If that's going younger or trying to save money, that's what it boils down to, no matter what type of talent you are. It's really the unfortunate part of the business, but I'm blessed to still be around, and hopefully, it doesn't happen to me one day. If it does, then, oh well. I'll go on and do something different with my career."

Peterson has a salary-cap figure of $10 million for this season.

What would happen if the Vikings move on from him?

"I think the organization would take a heavy hit -- for real -- more so from the fan base," Peterson said. "I don't think it would be like a LeBron [James] situation where they're burning my jersey, this, that and the other. They might be doing [the opposite] and not buying some season tickets."

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