All-22: Cutler’s INT vs. Texans ‘2-Man’

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The Bears and QB Jay Cutler have had some issues this season producing vs. 2-Man. A two-deep, man-under coverage with the underneath defenders playing in a “trail” position (low and to the inside hip). Using the All-22 tape, let’s take a look at Danieal Manning’s INT vs. the Bears from Sunday night in the Texans’ 13-6 win at Soldier Field.

Check out the All-22 cut-ups and then we will break down some coaching points…

Texans vs. Bears
Personnel: Ace (2WR-2TE-1RB)
Formation: Slot Open-Motion to Empty
Route: Double Smash-Seam
Defensive Scheme: 2-Man


-The Bears are aligned in a Slot Open formation and use R Motion (Forte) to create an empty look. The route: Double Smash-Seam with WR Brandon Marshall and TE Kellen Davis pushing up the field on the inside seam routes.

-Base 2-Man technique from the Texans. Both safeties will drop to the deep half (top of the numbers landmark) and play with enough depth to drive the 9 (fade) route outside of the numbers or overlap to the middle of the field. Underneath, the defenders will sit low and look to cut any intermediate route with the safety help over the top.


– Because Manning only has one vertical (Davis) to the open (weak) side of the formation, the Texans' safety can shorten his depth and put himself in a position to drive the route. This is exactly what you want at the safety position in 2-Man. Get to your landmark, read the QB and break on the throw.

– The Bears want Davis to release vertically up the field and stem the seam route inside to the hash. That will create a throwing lane for Cutler to drop this ball over the top of the LB sitting low in a trail technique and in front of the SS in the deep half.


– Why can’t Davis get back to the inside? Look at the LB in coverage. He “matches” to Davis on the release and walls him off—preventing him an opportunity to create inside leverage. With Manning sitting over the top, the Texans’ safety can drive the throw.


– The finish from Manning. If Cutler wants to make a questionable decision vs. 2-Man and try to force the ball into a tight window, then go get it.

– The idea behind the seam route is the right call from the Bears. However, because of the inside technique vs. Davis (and the lack of a vertical route outside of the numbers), Manning can drive downhill and make the play.

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