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Andy Reid on Plaxico: 'We haven't even gone there'

Eagles coach says there is nothing he can do right now Brad Biggs

Print This June 08, 2011, 01:04 PM EST

One popular rumor when it comes to landing spots for Plaxico Burress has been Philadelphia.

After all, the Eagles have a track record for taking on reclamation projects. No, they don’t house the troubled like the Cincinnati Bengals do, but the Eagles experienced great success with Michael Vick following his prison stint.

So it stands to reason that Burress’ 20-month journey behind bars won’t prevent the Eagles from considering him even though the veteran wide receiver will turn 34 before the beginning of the season.

"We haven't even gone there,” Eagles coach Andy Reid said today at the team’s playground building event, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. “There is nothing you can do there.”

In the midst of the lockout, Reid is correct. There is nothing the Eagles can do in regards to Burress or any other free agent. That doesn’t mean they can’t talk about potential moves internally. Surely, at some point Burress’ name will come up. The Eagles have pledged to be aggressive in free agency. It might not take an aggressive deal to sign Burress though as his list of suitors could be small.

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Jun 09, 2011
07:41 AM

So the team that had a jail in it's old stadium, complete with a game day judge to try their useless criminal fans. that claimed a convict who murdered dogs is not yet interested in another convict?

Jun 09, 2011
10:58 AM

Haha, HammerNH you sound like a Giants fan, still sick after Vick led the Eagles to another win against them.

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