Blame game continues in Philly

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The meltdown in Philadelphia continues.

The eight-game losing streak the Eagles are riding resembles a slow motion car wreck and parts keep flying.

This morning, just hours after a 38-33 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, defensive line coach Jim Washburn was fired. The Eagles announced that Tommy Brasher will fill the role for the remainder of the season.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported last week that Washburn was furious when the Eagles placed veteran defensive end Jason Babin on waivers. Washburn is credited with reviving the career of Babin. But Washburn’s wide nine scheme bombed out this year. The Eagles had 50 sacks last season when they needed to win their final four games just to finish 8-8.

There will be no .500 finish this season and it seems almost a foregone conclusion coach Andy Reid will be gone when the season is over. Assistants are dropping along the way.

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