Blame it all on the NFL

With the competition for your eyeballs, anything goes in the new media age and the NFL is an easy mark. Jack Bechta

Print This December 12, 2012, 07:15 PM EST

I had a client who was ambushed in his cousins home by masked men, they ducked taped his eyes, mouths and hands while holding pistols to his head. They robbed him of his cash, jewelry and car. The police detective who later investigated the case advised my client to buy a gun. He did! I asked ten of my clients if they owned a gun. Only four said they did. Three said they were for hunting only. I’m sure many of the guns owned by NFL players are strictly for hunting.

Roger Goodell has a very tough job. He has thirty-two very powerful bosses. He is asked to make profits go up while also protecting the game and its players. He has given more access to locker rooms, coaches and players than his predecessors would ever consider allowing. He makes himself accessible while taking the heat for what the owners ask for behind closed doors. He, along with the NFL shield, makes for easy targets to place blame. Sometimes they deserve it, and sometimes they don’t.

I, like many agents and the NFLPA, who work hard championing for the rights of our clients, don’t agree with a lot of things the NFL does and has done in the past. They are not perfect. And neither are its players and their very human problems. But please keep in mind that there are about 2,000 employed NFL players each season. They are all young, with time and money on their hands. However, only an extremely small percentage act in ways that is embarrassing and problematic to the NFL. So for major media outlets to take a few incidences and sensationalize them without taking the entire spectrum of player behavior in hand backed by hard facts and research is down right cheap.

Ever since the Internet and social media platforms like Twitter have given us quick easy access to news and opinion, it has put pressure on traditional outlets like newspapers to keep up. The competition for your eyeballs is fierce and it seems that in the new media age, journalistic integrity went out the window.

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