Bob Kraft questioned Bill Belichick’s coaching decision

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Patriots owner Bob Kraft admitted that he was perplexed as to why coach Bill Belichick would give the Peyton Manning-led Broncos the ball in overtime during Sunday night's victory.

With the game tied and entering extra time, the Patriots captains were instructed to take the wind and allow the Broncos to get the ball first. Kraft didn't understand why Belichick would do that.

However, the strategy worked. Both teams possessed the ball twice before Wes Welker was too late in calling for his teammates to clear away from a live ball, which resulted in the ball bouncing off of cornerback Tony Carter.

The Patriots were able to recover and Stephen Gostkowski kicked a game-winning field goal.

“When Bill chose the wind, I said, 'What is he doing?'” Kraft said, via the Boston Herald. “Someone (in my box) said, 'Don't you have a phone down there?' … But I spoke with (Belichick) and chatted about it with him afterward, and once again, he was on top of things. What they figured out was, by choosing the wind, it was an incremental 20 yards that they needed to be able to kick, and sure enough, it was a very wise decision.”

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