Brady Hoke: Taylor Lewan has ‘never had an issue’

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Entering this week's draft, former Michigan left tackle Taylor Lewan has some off-field concerns around him.

One of which is an assault charge lingering, with two Ohio State fans alleging Lewan assaulted them after the Buckeyes beat the Wolverines 42-41 this past November.

Michigan coach Brady Hoke, speaking to, defended Lewan, stating that nothing has been proven in that incident and that he knows what Lewan's true character is about.

"The only thing I know off the field is the incident where he allegedly punched a guy after the Ohio State game, and it hasn't been proven that he's done that,'' Hoke said. "For me, he's never had an issue. Until the truth comes out, I think people are always going to assume."

Hoke also stated Lewan has done a lot of community outreach work in Ann Arbor, Mich. that hasn't received the kind of attention his off-field situation has.

The problem is that football players, or celebrities with large followings for that matter, are expected to do good deeds and help out others in need. That's part of what being a privleged public figure entails. So when someone in that position strays from the positive path and aren't acting as role models, that's when they get hit with negative press. It's give and take, and comes with the territory.

Obviously, no one's perfect. But citing other instances of good behavior doesn't erase any character issues Lewan may have. While public perception will always happen, for better or worse, this seems like an issue where Hoke should have stayed out of the press and allow the legal process to play out.

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