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Breaston stays inactive; Chiefs receivers struggle

Kansas City offense manages just 109 yards passing, using unknowns over veteran. Terry McCormick

Print This December 17, 2012, 11:49 AM EST
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Steve Breaston continues to be inactive on game days for the Kansas City Chiefs, who certainly don't have the luxury of sitting anyone who remotely looks like a playmaking threat.

After Sunday's 15-0 loss to the woeful Oakland Raiders, a game in which the Chiefs offense was virtually non-existent, Breaston had this to say about being inactive in favor of the likes of Jamar Newsome and Devon Wylie.  And that was with the Chiefs' top receiver Dwayne Bowe on the shelf for the year with a rib injury.

"I’m still not sure why I’m not playing,’’ Breaston told the Kansas City Star. “I’m past all that now. It just is what it is. There are other things for this team to worry about.’’

At 2-12, you can say that again, but KC only having 109 yards passing against a Raiders secondary that isn't exactly reminiscent of the days of Lester Hayes, is quite a problem. One that it would appear on the surface at least that a veteran receiver like Breaston could help with.

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