Calling out Mark May

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Mark May and Lou Holtz have been used by ESPN in the college football studio show for years. Because of Holtz’ ties to Notre Dame the network regularly has the two of them argue over Notre Dame, with May being Holtz' antagonist.

Last night during the halftime show of the Florida State-Pitt game, the topic of discussion was Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly saying that he didn’t feel the Notre Dame-Michigan game was a top rivalry. May stated that he always thought it was a top rivalry and that he watched the game all of the time while he was growing up. He was very adamant with this statement, also saying that he was such a “fan” of the game.

There is one problem with what he said — Notre Dame and Michigan did not play each other when May was “growing up.” Essentially, May made up his story and lied to the viewers.

Michigan and Notre Dame did not play each other between 1943 and 1978. May was born in November 1959 and was playing football at Pitt when the series was renewed. I highly doubt he was watching the Notre Dame-Michigan game when he was supposed to be getting ready for his own Pitt game.

This is not the first time that May has come out with such BS statements. Does he actually think that when he says things like this that viewers aren’t going to do a “check?” In the future, the ESPN producers should make sure that May isn’t flat out lying when they have him get into discussions with Holtz.

How do these guys get and keep these jobs?

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