Childress uncertain about fine for Adrian Peterson

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Brad Childress hasn’t made up his mind yet.

He is not waffling like a 40-something quarterback the Minnesota Vikings hope to have under center this season, but he has yet to decide whether or not he will impose a fine on running back Adrian Peterson for skipping the club’s mandatory minicamp this weekend.

Sure, Childress has had plenty on his mind, like the 76 or so players who did show up for the weekend. But from our vantage point, this should not take very long to decide. Peterson didn’t show for the weekend because Saturday was “Adrian Peterson Day” in Palestine, Texas. Mind you, it was the fourth annual Adrian Peterson Day. Even if Peterson was adamant about attending the festivities, surely he could have arrived for at least one day of minicamp.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Peterson is subject to a fine of $9,442. If he doesn’t fine Peterson, then the minicamp should be termed voluntary and not mandatory. There’s no other way around it. Like Childress said Friday, he’s not in the same boat at Favre, who is doing his annual fence-riding exercise when it comes to whether or not he should play or not.

Coaches have different rules for different players, Star players always get different treatment. Peterson surely enjoys this. But skipping minicamp is going a step too far. Childress will have a tough time fining anyone else if he doesn’t come down on Peterson.

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