Cowboys could be making the move to a 4-3 defense

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It will be interesting to see what way Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones go as the Dallas Cowboys make their move to hire the next defensive coordinator for the club.

Ron Ryan was fired Tuesday evening and while he’s been telling folks he doesn’t plan to be out of work long, the club must have a plan in mind.

One source tells the National Football Post the Cowboys will be looking to make a change to a 4-3 defense and move away from the 3-4 defense. Todd Archer of ESPN Dallas speculated there is a possibility the club could move away from the 3-4 scheme it has been playing since 2005.

It would be a significant move but it’s much easier for teams to make the move from a 3-4 to a 4-3 than vice versa. It takes special, rare athletes to play in the front of a 3-4 scheme. Great athletes can make that conversion and DeMarcus Ware certainly could excel as an end in a 4-3 defense. Nose tackle Jay Ratliff could transition to a three technique tackle. Sean Lee would be ideal as a middle linebacker and Bruce Carter’s range and ability to play in space would make him a good fit on the weak side.

That leaves a question as to who would be the strong-side linebacker but that is the easiest position in the front to fill. It’s a part-time position that comes out in the sub package. We’ll see if this is the route the Cowboys choose. It certainly is easier to scout for a 4-3 defense without having to find pass rushers that fit the mold of outside linebackers in a 3-4 scheme, not to mention the specific linemen needed.

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