Cribbs tees off on Browns over lack of role

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Josh Cribbs sounded off on his lack of a role in the Cleveland Browns offense in an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Cribbs is frustrated not only by the fact that the Browns seldom use him except as a return, but also by the team's losing ways at 2-7.

“There's something wrong when one of your best athletes doesn't get the ball. I'm tired of people that don't know how to use me. Get creative. Find way,” Cribbs said.

The Pro Bowl return man had more to say, adding that he felt “caged” and that he has spoken to Browns coach Pat Shurmur, but to no avail.

“I've talked to the head coach but there's no point,” Cribbs said. “Obviously they feel like everybody that's in front of me is a better athlete. I disagree. I feel a different way than the coach feels about me. They must feel I can't produce. We have a difference of opinion.”

With Cribbs entering the final year of his contract, and Shurmur under the watchful eye new team president Joe Banner, there appears to be a good chance that neither Cribbs nor Shurmur will be employed in Cleveland next year.

With the Browns 2-7, Cribbs also tossed this gem of a quote into the interview as well.

“There's no indication that things will be different over the last seven games,” he said of the Browns outlook for the remainder of the season.

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