Daniel Snyder “disappointed” in Albert Haynesworth

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The man that writes the checks in Washington is not happy with Albert Haynesworth.

Yep. Daniel Snyder green-lighted the $100 million contract for Albert Haynesworth that included $41 million guaranteed a year ago, and he’s not happy that the defensive tackle is unaccounted for in the team’s voluntary offseason program.

“I'm disappointed he's not here. Absolutely,” Snyder said Saturday at a youth football field unveiling in Washington, according to Rick Maese of the Washington Post. “We're expecting our players to lead by example, and we're expecting our players to understand that they're Redskins and they need to be here.”

The problem with that logic is no one has ever considered Haynesworth a leader, and if Snyder believed he would get any return in the form of leadership in his investment, well that was a terrible error. The Redskins are believed to be seeking ways to move forward without Haynesworth in 2010 but they sure haven’t been able to generate much public interest in him.

Snyder has reportedly removed himself from most of the hands-on football work but maybe a hands-on discussion with Haynesworth is in line here. Certainly the situation couldn’t get any worse for the club but the problem from our vantage point is that Haynesworth doesn’t feel like he stands to gain. He’s already gained all he can – and will – from the Redskins. Falling in line with their new regime and in their new defensive scheme doesn’t interest him. Why should it? The contract made him wildly rich as it is.

Otherwise, Snyder, who doesn’t visit often with reporters, is happy with the direction the team is headed.

“It's exciting. You can feel the energy, the excitement out of Mike (Shanahan) and Bruce (Allen) and now adding Donovan (McNabb) really gets us going,” he said. “We have a lot of confidence — we've restored our confidence.”

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