Danny Amendola’s father suing Cowboys Stadium over runaway golf cart

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Danny Amendola’s father has filed a lawsuit against Cowboys Stadium seeking more than $1 million in damages for a mishap involving a golf cart.

Yes, you read that right.

Willie Amendola and his wife Valerie, the parents of the New England Patriots wide receiver, have sued for an accident that happened after the Texas Class 5A Division II Championship Game on Dec. 17, 2011. Willie Amendola’s Spring Dekaney team captured the title with a 34-14 victory over Steele and after the game the coach was speaking with several reporters when a runaway golf cart struck him.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, the unmanned cart struck Amendola and carried him on the front of it for several yards before he rolled off. An end zone pylon had fallen on the accelerator and forced the cart to move across the field, and the video is actually scary.

Willie Amendola did not appear to suffer serious injuries at the time, according to the report. The video – which you can see right here – went viral. Willie Amendola says he suffered pain and he has sued for mental anguish, loss of earning capacity and loss of enjoyment. He also said the video caused “great personal embarrassment.”

Cowboys Stadium, of course, is owned by Jerry Jones.

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