DeAngelo Hall backs off of previous Redskins comments

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After stating the Redskins should change their team name, cornerback DeAngelo Hall has had a change of heart.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Hall, who told FOX Sports' Mike Hill that the organization “probably should” change the team name, backtracked and tried to veer toward the center of the debate.

“I’m not Native American. I have some in my background – my granddad was part – but I can’t claim to understand where they’re coming from or their viewpoint, so for me to say what’s right or wrong or what should be changed is out of my pay grade,” Hall said. “That decision ultimately – you know me, all teammates and I have stayed away from this topic. It’s one where you really can’t be right. Somebody’s going to view it one way, and somebody’s going to view it the other way. So, it’s not my team, as far as owning the team to make a change. That burden falls on Dan Snyder and the rest of the ownership committee.”

Hall is set to become a free agent this offseason.

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