Dez Bryant says he’s done doing interviews outside of facility

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Dez Bryant says he is done doing media interviews outside of the Dallas Cowboys’ facility.

The wide receiver apparently believes his words have been twisted in too many different directions and he’s fed up.

“I'm never talking with the media outside of valley ranch all they do is twist your words,” Bryant wrote on his Twitter account.

If you remember, Bryant created a small ruckus last month when he said it would be possible to become the first receiver in NFL history to gain 2,000 yards in one season. Bryant was quickly attacked by ESPN talking head Skip Bayless for being selfish. The only problem? Bryant said in the same interview that personal stats were meaningless in comparison to the success of the team.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Bryant also believes his message was taken out of context when he told 660 AM in El Paso, Texas, that he loves playing for the Cowboys because it is an organization many football fans love to hate.

“I feel like the greatest thing about being on the Cowboys (is) people love to hate the Cowboys,” Bryant said, according to the report. “That makes you work 10 times harder. They put the big target on us or whatever, I know, speaking for myself, it doesn’t bother me. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t bother a lot of guys. They like that kind of pressure. It makes us want to work hard and makes you want to do what you need to do to hopefully get to that big game.”

Bryant is a popular player who enjoyed a breakout season last year. He's opinionated and not afraid to speak his mind, so he's going to be a frequent target for reporters wanting to know what is on his mind. We doubt seriously he's done talking. There is an element here where Bryant enjoys hearing himself provide sound bytes. That isn't going away.

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