Dolphins’ Martin was reportedly bullied by teammates, called “Big Weirdo”

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Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin has been repeatedly bullied by teammates and that prompted him to take a leave of absence, according to FOX Sports.

Last year, he was nicknamed “Big Weirdo,” by teammates.

Per the report, Martin couldn't take anymore of the abuse from teammates and hit his breaking point when a group of teammates stood up and left when he tried to sit with them for lunch at the team cafeteria and he lost it and slammed his tray of food to the ground.

Now, the former second-round draft pick from Stanford has been excused from team activities.

This dispute casts doubt on Martin's future with the team.

Tyson Clabo had to start in his place at right tackle.

“Happy Halloween!” Martin wrote on Facebook. “Don’t believe everything you read.”

Martin has gotten counseling and has been spending time with his family.

Offensive guard Nate Garner told The Palm Beach Post that Martin wasn't facing more than “normal stuff,” in the locker room, but he just snapped.

“I want him to come back to work,” Clabo said. “He’s a talented young football player. I can’t say what he’s feeling. I know if and when he wants to come back that I will be there to shake his hand.

“I’m just trying to let him figure out whatever he’s trying to figure out,” Clabo said. “It’s hard to say what’s going on in somebody’s mind.”

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