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Dumervil to change agents

Paperwork issue that led to release spurs move. Terry McCormick

Print This March 16, 2013, 11:50 PM EST
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The Elvis Dumervil saga with the Denver Broncos not only may have cost the team a pass rushing end, it cost agent Marty Magid his client, according to USA Today.

Dumervil had a agreed to a pay cut to remain with the Broncos on Friday, but the necessary paperwork was six minutes late in arriving via fax, causing the club to release him.

There is still the chance Dumervil will re-sign in Denver, but it won't be with Magid's representation. Several reports have Dumervil switching to CAA, which already represents free agents Dwight Freeney and Osi Umenyiora.

"It's terrible, but he said he knows what happened and why it happened," Magid said. "I know the people in Denver think I should be fired, but like I said (Friday), there were a lot of reasons for why it happened."

Magid told USA Today, that the Broncos presented a proposal to him and Dumervil at 1 p.m. EDT that contained had an injury guarantee on $3.5 million for 2014. Magid indicated the team had offered a full guarantee earlier in the week.

The new proposal would pay Dumervil $8 million in base salary this upcoming season (down from $12 million) but would have allowed the Broncos to cut him for skill or salary-cap reasons at no cost to the team.

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