East-West Shrine Weigh-in Results

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Persa ICONSize will hurt Persa some.

Notes from the weigh-in…

• Despite measuring in at 354 pounds, Miami (OH) OL Brandon Brooks carried the weight well. He’s a strong kid with decent length and didn’t look sloppy through his mid-section. His lower half possessed good girth and he certainly looked the part of an inside lineman.

• I was a bit surprised how tiny Arkansas WR Jarius Wright was, weighing in at 5096, 176 pounds. He looked more like a track guy and didn’t have much girth through his lower half.

• Northwestern QB Dan Persa wasn’t able to reach the six-foot mark, and despite possessing a strong looking frame height is still a major concern.

• On the other hand, QB B.J. Coleman of UT Chattanooga was a well-put-together kid at 234 pounds and was the one quarterback down here who definitely looked the part.

• Rutgers OL Desmond Wynn took the cake for best-looking lineman at the Shrine game. He displayed little body fat on his broad frame, good length and has the ability to add more girth without losing much athleticism.

• Georgia FB/TE tweener Bruce Figgins was among the most impressive athletes down here. He displays a rocked up 272-pound frame with little body fat and a strong looking lower half.

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