Eight in the box: Hollywood cougars

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EIGHT: Cougar City- Cougars are in — according to our research team at the NFP — and who doesn’t like an older woman these days? So in the spirit of cougars everywhere, we’re bringing you the best that Hollywood has to offer — and yes, they’re still getting it done. Say hello to our first — the lovely Elizabeth Hurley.

SEVEN: Ocho- I’ve gotta give it to Chad Ochocinco of the Bengals. He’s brash, he’s loud and he’s sometimes unbearable to listen to. But beyond his asinine Twitter messages, his antics are pretty good. He reportedly sent members of the Ravens — this week’s opponent — sticks of roll-on deodorant. I guess he is going to make them “kiss da baby.” Too funny.

SIX: Joey Talk- Dolphins LB Joey Porter, who’s never short for words, believes the Patriots, and Tom Brady in particular, are the beneficiaries of special treatment. Really? Come on, Joey, the guy has three Super Bowl rings, drives NFL revenue and the playoffs are generic without him. I think he’s going to get as much special treatment as he wants — that’s life.

FIVE: Cougar No. 2- When I asked around to find out who our team wanted as one of today’s cougars, the overwhelming sentiment pointed toward Heather Locklear. And judging by this picture, can you blame them? One of the best blondes of all time — and a huge Bon Jovi fan. Life is good for Heather.

FOUR: Roy Boy- Cowboys WR Roy Williams is having a rough time. Despite the fact his team is tied for first in the NFC East, with a huge game coming Sunday night in Philadelphia, he’s bitching to the media — shocking — that Tony Romo isn’t getting him the football. I thought the Cowboys figured this out when they let go of Terrell Owens. I guess not.

THREE: No more L.J.- It seems that fans of the Kansas City Chiefs have had enough of running back Larry Johnson, who was suspended by the team for this weekend’s game. An online petition has been presented to GM Scott Pioli asking the team to suspend Johnson for the remainder of the season in the hope he doesn’t become the Chiefs’ all-time leading rusher. Crazy? Not really. Forward it to me. I’ll help you out.

TWO: Man Genius- Eric Mangini, who has run the Browns into the ground, is reportedly going to have a say in whom the Browns choose as their new GM after the club parted ways with George Kokinis this week. Well, that makes perfect sense, right? Because Mangini was the one who picked Kokinis in the first place. Go Browns.

ONE: Ultimate Cougar- We can’t have a post on Hollywood cougars without including Demi Moore — who takes the meaning to a whole new level based on her relationship with Ashton Kutcher. Add in the fact that NFP Fantasy expert Joe Fortenbaugh just downloaded “Striptease” to his iPhone, and yes, she’s the best Hollywood has to offer when it comes to cougars. Enjoy.

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