Family has become more important for Chuck Pagano

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NFL coaches are notorious for their work schedules. Oftentimes they'll sleep at the facility if they feel the need to log more hours of preparation for an upcoming opponent.

But since fighting leukemia, which he was diagnosed with in 2012, Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano has decided to scale back on work to focus his time on being home with his family.

"I know that there are coaches who do end up sleeping on the sofa in their office," Pagano told, "and that can be part of the business. But the one thing I told myself is that if I was fortunate to get out of the hospital and get back to the facility, that one thing I was going to demand of our guys was to go home at night. Working hard and working smart are two different things, and I wanted our guys to work smart enough so they could do that one little thing each night.

"If we're having to stay here and sleep at night, we're probably overcooking this thing too much. You've got to rest, even in this business. If you don't have your health, you don't have anything."

Pagano has been conducting interviews to promote his new book "Sidelined," which will hit stores on Tuesday. It details what he went through and learned from that 2012 season, when Pagano was forced to leave the sidelines in his first year as the Colts' head coach.

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