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Print This February 22, 2013, 06:00 AM EST
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*Word out of Dallas is that Jerry Jones really hasn't made it clear who will be calling the plays. Signs are pointing to Bill Callahan as the next play caller but to date no one has been officially given the green light.

*There are rumblings that the Ravens are in negotiations to give Super Bowl winning coach John Harbaugh a significant raise.

*From one AFC college personnel director: “There are no sure bet corners in this draft. It’s one of the weakest corner drafts I seem in a while. The super athletic guys can't cover and press, and the ones who can aren't that athletic.”

*Seahawks coaches who have been around awhile were amazed at Russell Wilson’s aptitude for the game. In fact, Wilson had multiple games in which he had no run check or protection call errors. That is unheard of, even for savvy veteran quarterbacks.

*The Cardinals will be bringing in a new starting quarterback without question. That is no surprise. But that doesn’t mean they have completely given up on Kevin Kolb. In fact, the team still believes in Kolb’s ability. They just question his durability. That could make Kolb the ideal No. 2.

*The cash-strapped Panthers are saying they wouldn’t mind keeping running back DeAngelo Williams, but buzz around the combine is they already have shopped him. Given the trade market for Williams probably was not very inviting, the Panthers may now be looking for ways to keep him.

*Chances are good the Bengals will use the franchise tag on defensive end Michael Johnson, who is coming off an 11.5 sack season. The team clearly does not want to lose Johnson. They have the cap space to tag him, or they also could sign him to a long term contract. But the average per year on a long term deal for Johnson might be more than the franchise number of $10.9 million.

*NFL agents are saying the window between the combine and the start of free agency is affecting business. NFL teams aren’t being as aggressive about setting parameters on deals as they have been in the past. All sides still are finding value in having the chance to have face-to-face meeting time, however.


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