Friday Buzz: “Harbowl” react & more

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*The two people who are most tired of the “Harbowl” stories are, of course, Jim and John Harbuagh. They are putting on a good face for the league and media but they are annoyed by the attention. A person close to both of them who knows them well said “You will just piss them off if you bring it up while they are working.”

*One of the reasons Rod Marinelli was such an important hire for the Cowboys is he can help out 72-year old defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin. Marinelli was hired to coach the defensive line, but some familiar with the situation would not be surprised if Marinelli becomes the de facto defensive coordinator. Many in the business believe Kiffin is not the coach he used to be.

*The lawsuit filed by the family of Junior Seau sent shock waves through the league offices. Although the NFL was expecting it, one employee said when the news hit, it still sent a “vibration of uncomfortableness” throughout the office.

*The Falcons are actively trying to recruit tight end Tony Gonzales to return to the team for his 16th season. Gonzalez has said he is 95 percent certain he will retire, but the Falcons are banking on the other five percent. Coach Mike Smith told Gonzalez of his hopes in their exit meeting, and he plans on continuing to try to sell Gonzalez on the benefits of returning.

*Fewer and fewer head coaches are attending Senior Bowl week. This week, it is believed only 19 head coaches took in practices, including Dennis Allen and Jim Schwartz, who are coaching the game. Why aren’t they showing up? Many want to avoid the job seekers and hangers on who won’t let them go anywhere without being badgered. But others see a minimal value in attending the practices and believe they can use the time more wisely. One head coach told his staff to take the week off because he felt they needed a breather before the demands of the offseason kick in.

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