Friday Buzz: Super Bowl Scuttlebutt

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*The buzz at the Senior Bowl and Super Bowl is the most impressive organization in the league this year might not have been the 49ers or Ravens. The team that is the talk of the league among head coaches, general managers and front office men is the Colts. Those at the top of the football food chain have been very impressed at how the Colts have turned around everything from both a personnel and coaching standpoint. As one long-time pro director put it, “Everyone in the organization over-performed at their job.” And that explains why Ryan Grigson was voted NFL executive of the year.

*The 49ers were far from the only team that thought Jim Harbaugh could be a fine NFL coach. They were just the only team that got him to be their head coach. The Dolphins also wanted Harbaugh to be their head coach. The Jets interviewed him. And teams that made strong inquiries about him included the Bills, Cardinals, Lions and Chiefs. That is 22 percent of the teams in the NFL.

*The Ravens’ postseason hiring of Juan Castillo could serve the Ravens well in the short term as well as the long term. In the future, Castillo is expected to coordinate the Ravens’ run game and help coach up the blockers. In the present, Castillo is around to answer questions, review tape and provide a new perspective. One of the areas in which he could provide perspective on is how to play the 49ers’ read option. Remember, Castillo coached the blockers in Philadelphia when they ran a similar scheme with Michael Vick. And he later practiced against that scheme every day when he shifted to defense. He could be the secret weapon in the Super Bowl.

*The biggest problem with the Chiefs’ offense was it was predictable and basic. Defensive coordinators were having a field day manipulating the offense into checking into exactly what they hoped for. As one AFC defensive coordinator put it, “I felt sorry for the Chiefs offensive players. They had no chance. We could make them check into max protect every time.”

*A number of smart NFL men believe that if the Dolphins can add just two or three play makers, especially a wide receiver or two, they can make a legitimate run at the AFC East title. Look for the Dolphins to make a move in free agency. One name on their list could be Greg Jennings.

*Those familiar with the Jets’ thinking are not surprised to see Darrelle Revis on the market. In fact, they say they believe the Jets might do more housecleaning. The feeling out of New York is upper management is disenchanted with the roster and is pushing change.

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