Gerald McCoy says fans go too far when it comes to Schiano

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy says fans are crossing the line when it comes to embattled coach Greg Schiano.

There's a “Fire Schiano” billboard paid for a local radio station. Fans are calling for his head, and said some inappropriate thigns to him after the winless Buccaneers' latest loss to the Carolina Panthers.

“If you want to be angry about the game or what's going on, be angry because we're angry, too. But don't disrespect him as a man,'' McCoy said. “That man has a wife. He has kids at home. We have wives and kids. Just keep it to football. Don't take it outside of that. If you want to be whatever in football, that's OK. Be angry. We expect you to be angry.

“Nobody wants to be 0-7. But just leave everything else alone. Just keep it to the game. It's still just a game. We've got lives outside of football. When you disrespect a man as a person, then you're taking it too far.''

Schiano told reporters that he gets why the fans are upset.

“I do understand the fans' frustration,'' Schiano said. “I have some say in how to fix it. Our players have some say. The fans don't. All the fans can do is watch and take what's out there. Lately, it hasn't been good enough, so I understand their frustration totally. We've just got to give them a better product.''

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