Herm Edwards thinks Jason Garrett should keep calling plays

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The identity of the offensive play caller for the Dallas Cowboys remains a bit of a mystery.

Right after the season ended, owner Jerry Jones said head coach Jason Garrett would be giving up that part of his job. It looked like Bill Callahan would be the guy. Now, it’s in limbo with Garrett pointing out no decision needs to be made any time soon.

He’s right about that. And now former NFL head coach Herm Edwards, an analyst for ESPN, says Garrett should continue wearing the hat of play caller.

If I’m Jason Garrett, I’m calling the plays. That’s Jason Garrett’s strength,” Edwards said on KESN-FM, according to the Dallas Morning News. “That’s what he does. That’s why he was hired, because he was a good play-caller. Let’s not lose sight of that now.
“By the way, he is the head coach. I get to call the shots. Now what’s Jerry going to do, fire him because he wants to call the plays, ‘OK, then fire me. I’m calling the plays.’”

When Jones wants something within the Cowboys organization, he gets it. So, the guess here is Garrett eventually hands over the play calling. But you never know and Garrett ultimately could have the final say in what could turn into a full blown power struggle.

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