Hernandez ruptured man's eardrum with punch

Incident occurred when he was at Florida as a 17-year-old. Terry McCormick

Print This July 02, 2013, 11:26 AM EST

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The laundry list of incidents involving Aaron Hernandez continues to grow, and even the Wall Street Journal is getting in on the reporting act.

The WSJ reports that Hernandez got into an incident while at the University of Florida as a 17-year-old at a bar. Hernandez, who was underage, ordered two alcoholic drinks at a bar called The Swamp, and after he drank them, he was presented with the bill by an employee named Michael Taphorn.

Hernandez denied ordering the drinks and  a verbal altercation ensued. Hernandez was escorted outside by Taphorn. Hernandez then claimed, according to the police report, that Taphorn "got in his face."

Hernandez then punched Taphorn and ruptured his eardrum. Hernandez was not arrested in the matter, but the department recommended a felony battery charge.

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