How did this draft’s Tight Ends rank at the combine?

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Rather than reporting the raw scores from this year's combine, DRAFTMETRICS has determined where each player’s results fall in the context of all Combine results since 1999. The percentage reported on the enclosed sheet represents where the player’s results rank among all results at his playing position for that drill.

For example, a 70% for Braxton Cave in the 40 yard dash means that his 40 time of 5.33 places him in the top 70% (or well into the bottom half) of all 40s run by centers from 1999-2012. Terron Armsteads’s 40 time of 4.71, on the other hand, places him in the top 10% of all 40s run by offensive tackles from 1999-2012.

Scores run from 10% to 100%(with a score of 100%meaning that the player’s score was in the bottom 10% of all recorded scores). All scores were obtained from the website. No 40-yard splits are reported on that site so they are excluded from this “quicky” look at the results.

In an earlier article, DRAFTMETRICS reviewed the drills which seem to have the great correlation with future results. The top three drills for tight end, per the DRAFTMETRICS article, are as follows:

• Bench Press
• Broad Jump
• 20-Yard Shuttle

Each player’s results are followed by their average score in the top three drills for each position. An average was not calculated if a player did not participate in all three drills. Tyler Eiffert had the best “Three Drill Average” followed closely by Vance McDonald.

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