How do you compare the Pro Days of Griffin and Luck?

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Yesterday we saw much of RGIII’s pro day workout on the NFL network. Today we have seen Andrew Luck going through his Pro Day at Stanford. How do they compare?

It can be difficult to do a fair comparison because they didn’t work out under the same conditions. At Baylor, the pro day was done at an indoor practice facility under perfect conditions. Ideal temperature, no wind. Stanford's workout was outdoors with cool temperature and moderate to strong wind.

As a scout you always like to see a workout done under perfect conditions but the good thing about watching a QB throw when it’s cold and windy is that you see how he reacts to adversity. Does it bother him or does he just forget about conditions and go with the flow?

The one thing that is hard to compare when you are watching a workout indoors and outdoors is arm strength. Arm strength ALWAYS looks better when you are watching a player throw indoors. It’s because there is a backdrop that is still fairly close to the ball. Outdoors with no backdrop and the velocity of the ball never looks as good. What you have to look for is how the player spins the ball. How does it come out of his hand? A QB with average arm strength and a tight ball can throw the ball in the wind. If he doesn’t spin the ball well, the wind will take it and the ball will flutter.

In saying all of this I will say that RGIII has a better arm than Luck but not a significantly better arm. Luck’s arm strength is more in line with Matt Ryan’s. He has plenty enough arm strength to be a top QB in the league. Just remember, arm strength doesn’t make the prospect…it’s how he plays the game. Also, as a player gets involved with an NFL weight program his arm gets stronger. I was at Peyton Manning’s and Drew Brees' pro days when they came out. Both players' arms are much better now than they were then.

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