Is Stanford OG David DeCastro worth a top 10 pick?

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The Breakdown…

OG David DeCastro: Stanford (6-5, 312)

What I like…

DeCastroICONDeCastro does a great job keeping his base down inside.

– Sits into his stance well and exhibits a flexible lower half.

– Showcases good initial quickness off his frame when asked to reach defenders trying to shoot gaps on either side of him in pass protection.

– Keeps his base down through contact and exhibits natural balance when asked to slide his feet laterally.

– Extends his arms well, exhibiting good hand placement under the chest plate of defenders and sticks well through contact.

– Showcases quick hands when asked to re-set through the play and maintain leverage laterally.

– Rarely gets overextend/off balance with his footwork through contact. Showcases natural fluidity when asked to shuffle and slide, and with ease can push his man past the pocket inside.

– Exhibits plus range laterally, can re-direct cleanly and is tough to side-step/disengage from in pass protection.

– Keeps his head on a swivel, locates blitzing linebackers quickly and works well in tandem with his center.

– Has a toughness/mean streak about his game, demonstrates a passion and takes pride in finishing his man in all areas of the game.

– A dominant force in the run game. Exhibits a “plus” first step off the ball as an in-line blocker and showcases an explosive snap through the hips into contact.

– Displays excellent snap awareness, is routinely the first lineman off the ball and into contact.

– Extends his hands well at the point in-line and generates good power on contact from his upper body as well.

– Is a technician when trying to create a push in-line, gains leverage, keeps his base under him and can overpower/push bigger lineman off the ball.

– Sticks well through contact, exhibits a natural feel, understands angles and can walk bigger lineman away from the play.

– Showcases excellent range when asked to pull from the backside, has the ability to lead through the hole and eliminate defenders on contact.

– Displays “plus” body control/coridnation breaking down in space, gets around blocks quickly in order to seal through contact.

DeCastroICONDeCastro is excellent on the move.

– Looks natural chipping at the line, generating a powerful jolt on the opposing down lineman and cleanly scraping his way into the second level to seal.

Possesses the flexibility to drop his pad level and cut down defenders on the move.

– Is a guy you can run behind in short yardage situations. Fires off the ball low, there is a real explosive element to his game as he gains leverage and creates a push form his lower half.

What I don’t like…

– Lacks elite anchor strength. Can be overpowered a bit at the point of attack vs. the bull rush.

– Would like to see a more violent punch on contact, displays good hand placement, but not a real jarring pop at the point.

– Can be unwound at the waist and get upright at the point of attack vs. bigger lineman working the bull rush, causing him to “skate” into the backfield.

– Will get a bit overextended in-line as he tries to finish, causing him to lose balance and will fall off blocks through the play.

– Lacks elite natural power in his lower half and if he loses off the snap doesn’t have the kind of natural strength to simply overwhelm and create a push.

Impression: The best offensive line prospect I’ve evaluated since Maurkice Pouncey in 2010. He showcases the ability to get a push in-line and is a dominant move player as well. He’s fluid/natural in pass protection and with a little more power in his base he’s got the skill set to become on of the leagues best guards early in his NFL career.

Grade: 8.5

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