Jabari Greer’s career could be over

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Veteran cornerback Jabari Greer seems to realize that his career could be coming to an end.

Late last season, Greer tore his ACL, PCL and total posterior lateral compartment against the 49ers. For someone that's played in the NFL for 10 years, a major knee injury could be problematic to return from.

Therefore, Greer, speaking to ESPN.com, said he'd be OK if he was unable to play another down in the NFL.

"I think right now today, I’m very content with where I am," Greer said. "I’m very happy with being able to invest in my wife and children. But in the future, I’m sure that itch is gonna come, because it does for everybody. I guess it just depends if I decide to scratch it or not."

Obviously, it's not set in stone that Greer won't return, but it does appear to be crossing his mind. But like he also said, quitting is never easy for folks that still believe they have something left to offer.

In five seasons each with the Bills and Saints, Greer has totaled 413 tackles, 13 interceptions and two sacks.

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