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Jeff Fisher defends trying 66-yard field goal at end of game

Figured chances were better than fourth down play Brad Biggs

Print This October 15, 2012, 10:27 AM EST
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Jeff Fisher liked the chances of rookie kicker Greg Zuerlein making a 66-yard field goal better than he did Sam Bradford and the offense converting on fourth-and-7 from the Miami Dolphins’ 48-yard line in the closing minute on Sunday.

And Zuerlein proved he had enough leg for the kick, missing wide left in a 17-14 loss to the Dolphins.

I took the wind in the fourth quarter in the event we would need it," Fisher said, according to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "We had a good wind. The odds of Greg making that kick from that distance I thought were much greater than us converting on fourth down.

"I counted off and knew it was 65, 66 (yards). And Greg's got that kinda leg."

The kick would have shattered the NFL record of 63 yards. The Rams were hoping to get closer for a tying kick but Bradford was sacked on third down and Fisher figured the odds were better that the kick would push the game into overtime.

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Craig Matson-Wilson
Oct 15, 2012
07:46 PM

Fisher did more than wiegh the odds of just making the kick.
His action was also a real vote of confidence for Zuerline as a player who has shown to be reliable and capable of making kicks the average kicker wouldnt even be credible attempting.

I would think 'Greg the Leg' would be sitting on a new NFL record and national fanfare today if they've have been playing in most any other stadium and having to gauge that funny wind.

He'll get another chance at the record within the next two years for sure !!

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