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John Harbaugh rips injury report process

Ravens coach makes comments in wake of $20,000 for not reporting Ed Reed shoulder injury. Terry McCormick

Print This November 02, 2012, 03:10 PM EST
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Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh ripped into the NFL's policy on injury reports when asked to comment about the situation in the wake of a $20,000 fine against the team for not disclosing Ed Reed's shoulder injury.

“There’s no credence on the injury report now,” Harbaugh said via the Baltimore Sun. “It doesn’t mean anything. It has no value. The injury report has no value.”

Harbaugh went on to say, “If a guy that goes out there and doesn’t miss a practice and doesn’t miss a game and doesn’t want to be on the injury report and we have to put him on the injury report, I want the league’s answer on that. I’m looking forward to hearing that.”

The Ravens coach, who said the Ravens would not report every player who has a "hangnail" on the report, also spoke of the possible violation of HIPAA laws the injury report potentially creates.

“Aren’t there HIPAA rights here?,” Harbaugh asked. “If I’m a player and I’ve been out there playing and I don’t want that on the injury report and I’m told I have to put that on the injury report, we’ve got some players that resent that. So yeah, I got a problem with that in all honesty.”

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