John Madden disappointed in Richard Sherman’s post-game interview

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After Richard Sherman gave his now infamous post-game interview to Erin Andrews, two parties emerged in the aftermath.

Those that were delighted by the colorful remarks instead of hearing another answer filled with cliches. And those that thought the Sherman did not use the best of judgment with what he said.

Count former NFL coach and broadcaster John Madden in the latter.

Appearing on SiriusXM, Madden stated he was not impressed with Sherman after Seattle's 23-17 win over San Francisco, which saw Sherman deflect a pass for an interception to wrap up the win.

“To me, it was kind of embarrassing,” Madden said. “Kids are watching this, and kids copy the players. I have grandkids and I know that they do because I see them.”

Madden was also unhappy with how the majority of the attention has been placed on Sherman and what he said following Seattle's win, as opposed to the Seahawks getting credit for a big win in a great game.

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