John McCain: Redskins should change their name

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Though he didn't blast the organization the way Nevada Sen. Harry Reid previously did, Arizona Sen. John McCain stated that the Washington Redskins should probably change their team name.

Appearing on the Dan Patrick Show on Friday, McCain explained his thoughts on the subject.

“I’d call the Native American leaders together," McCain said. "And I’d sit down with them, and I’d say, ‘OK, what is it that you want? How do you want me to do it?’ If I were him, I’d have a dialogue. And if they think it’s that offensive and terrible I would certainly probably — I’m not the owner, he has the rights of an owner — but frankly I would probably change the name. Myself, I’m not offended, you’re not offended. But there are Native Americans who are.”

By that notion, McCain believes the two sides should begin some constructive talks and do what's in the best interest of both sides.

McCain offered his take on how he'd handle the sitaution if he were in owner Dan Snyder's shoes.

"We have a large Native American population in our state," McCain told Patrick. "I'd call the Native American leaders together and I'd sit down with them and say ‘What is it you want?' If I were him I'd have a dialogue."

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