Kevin Mawae not happy with concussion settlement

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Former NFLPA president Kevin Mawae doesn't sound happy with the NFL's 765 million lawsuit settlement.

Mawae told TitanInsider that he understands why players in need of money would settle with the league for such a sum, but that it was a drop in the bucket to the billions in profits the NFL expects to make over the next 20 years.

But the 16-year NFL veteran who retired after the 2009 season says the biggest issue to him is that the NFL will be able to keep any and all information it had on head trauma from being revealed in court and to the players, who could benefit from such information.

“$765 million. That’s what they’re willing to pay now not to have to go all the way to court,” Mawae said. “The biggest win for them is they don’t have to disclose anything, any of the information they they may have had since the late '80s or early '90s on concussions.”

Knowledge is power and the NFL wins by having knowledge that is still concealed from players, he asserts.

“They may have had information back in 1994 that the players could have at least known all these years, but they paid to keep those that closed. That’s what it amounts to. There’s no disclosure anymore,” Mawae said. “There's no disclosure of any information they may or may not have had. Information is power and when didn’t have to give that up (in court), you retain that power.”

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