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Khalil Mack wants to sack Peyton Manning

Mack targeting AFC West rival QB. Jason Butt

Print This June 02, 2014, 07:40 PM EST
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Young pass rushers often dream of being able to sack the game's best quarterbacks.

For rookie outside linebacker Khalil Mack, he's got his eyes set on one particular guy. NFL Media's Alex Flanagan asked Mack which quarterback he was looking forward to sacking during his first NFL season. Mack responded with a name at the top of the all-time list: Peyton Manning.

"I think that has to be Peyton (Manning) right now," Mack said. "Just thinking about it gets you a little (excited), you know what I mean?"

Mack is obviously still giddy about being drafted fifth overall by the Raiders and having that kind of status placed upon him. If he can make life miserable for Manning when the two teams play twice this season, he'll be even happier after the fact.

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