Kirk Cousins’ dance moves a hit with Redskins

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Kirk Cousins is showing the Washington Redskins what he can do this offseason with the starting unit as Robert Griffin III rehabilitates from his knee injury.

And Cousins’ teammates and coaches have seen what Cousins can do off the field and on stage too.

Sarah Kogod of the Washington Post has an interesting off-beat story about Cousins and some work he did in high school musical performances that his teammates have now taken the time to watch. Cousins is singing and doing a little dancing in the videos which you can find in Kogod’s story and now everyone is having some fun with the material.

“Some of the coaches, they were doing the dance moves,” Cousins said. “I guess what I can say is I got a couple new touchdown dances to break out if I score again.”

Cousins passed on the videos to a local news show when he was a sophomore at Michigan State for a story. They remained pretty much out of sight. Until recently.

“Apparently she still had all of it, and as the years passed she decided she would take some other stuff from it,” Cousins told Kogod. “So she picked a couple of my solos, where I was a little bit more out there and all the dancing — a little bit more than I would have liked — and she showed them.”

Now, he’s getting some good-natured ribbing. We’ll see if Cousins has some new moves if he reaches the end zone this season.

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