Lewis tells Ravens not to touch Lombardi Trophy

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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis doesn't want any part of the Lombardi Trophy – that is until after the Super Bowl is over.

CBS, which has the broadcast of the game, brought a Lombardi Trophy for the AFC champion Ravens to pose with as a promotional spot for the game, but Lewis wanted nothing to do with that for him or his teammates, according to the Baltimore Sun.

“I told my team, 'Don't ever take pictures with nothing that's not yours, nothing that you haven't earned,'“ Lewis said. “When we hold that Lombardi, whoever holds that Lombardi next Sunday, you've earned it when you touch it. And don't fool yourself and try to trick yourself, 'This feels great.'

“Don't go through that. I don't believe in jinxes and all that. I just don't believe in don't set yourself up for something. Just really work for it.”

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