Lions’ Suh takes part in organized team activity

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Detroit Lions Pro Bowl defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh took part in a voluntary organized team activity today.

Suh, who's seeking a new contract, has skipped the first six weeks of workouts.

Former NFL defensive end Al "Bubba" Baker told the Detroit Free Press he was impressed with what he saw today from Suh.

“You got to remember this: Guys like Suh look in the program on Sunday and find a reason not to like that guy that they’re watching film on all week long. So the word is ‘intensity,’” Baker said. “That’s what I saw today. I saw a guy, I looked at him, he looked me right in my eyes. I just nodded my head, and he nodded his head, I know he’s ready.”

“He’s from my era, and you just can tell,” Baker said. “Right now, he’s not in a social mood. See, when you’re a player and you hear talks of trade and hear all that, it’s a lie when you say it doesn’t affect you. It’s like hearing rumors of your girlfriend messing around, it shakes you.

“Guys like Suh, they play for the love of just — it’s the only place where you can kick the hell out of somebody, and you won’t go to jail. It is. It really is. So all that stuff, and certainly this late in the game, it hurts. That self-applied pressure, I saw it on his face today. It’s good.”

Lions coach Jim Caldwell didn't seem concerned about Suh missing time during the offseason.

“I’ve been a few places in my time and I can cite you so many different examples of guys that maybe weren’t here during the time period that did a tremendous job, just in terms of their leadership and those kinds of things, and I don’t expect him to be any different,” Caldwell said. “I think he’ll fit into that category, as opposed to any other category you’d like to slide him into.”

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