Lomas Brown, Scott Mitchell put bizarre story behind them

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Scott Mitchell and Lomas Brown have moved to put behind them the bizarre story Brown created in December when he said on ESPN that he allowed an opponent a free shot at the quarterback.

Brown, a longtime offensive lineman for the Detroit Lions, said two months ago that he allowed Green Bay Packers defensive end Sean Jones an easy shot on the team’s quarterback because he was tired of Mitchell stinking.

The story grew big-time legs but now Mitchell wonders if it is even true, according to Terry Foster of the Detroit News. When he went back and watched the play that knocked Mitchell out of the game, Brown picked up a blitzing inside linebacker, which he says now was his responsibility on the play. Running back Barry Sanders had responsibility for the outside rusher, according to Brown.

I blanked out,” Brown told Foster about the wild interview. “I started ranting and raving about what I did. … Until I saw the play I actually thought I did it.”

Mitchell accepted an apology from Brown and said, “I have no malice towards Lomas.”

“I do think he did it to improve his position with ESPN,” Mitchell said told Foster. “That is probably the dumbest thing to do — to tell a story that isn't true. It is an error in judgment and kind of stupid actually. (But) I don't think Lomas purposely tried to get me hurt.”

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