Lombardi says Stafford is no interception machine

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New Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi has studied Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and has come to a concusion: Stafford is no interception machine.

Lombardi told Detroit reporters that he came away upbeat about Stafford after studying all 19 of his interceptions from last season.

“I was a little encouraged after watching that this was not an interception machine,” Lombardi said.

Lombardi did stay Stafford could stand for some improvement in his technique.

“Every quarterback could tighten up some of his footwork issues, and Matthew has got such a talented arm that I think there are times where he's making throws that you'd say, 'Well, maybe you shouldn't have thrown that because of the position of your feet' or what not,” Lombardi said. “But look, I looked at every single one of his interceptions in depth, and not every single one was something Matthew did wrong.

“There are interceptions that happen because a receiver breaks his route off too early or (the ball) goes through the receivers' hands, gets tipped at the line of scrimmage. By no means am I saying that he's the perfect quarterback, but like I said, he's smart, he works hard and he's talented.”

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