London Jaguars? What do you think?

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell continues to talk favorably about London, apparently with eyes toward eventually having an NFL franchise in jolly old England in the not too distant future.

CBS Sports' Jason LaCanfora speculates that that franchise could eventually be the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are scheduled to face the San Francisco 49ers in Wembley Stadium this year.

The Jaguars are in a small market, and in the past have had issues with ticket sales, though that has greatly stabilized over the past couple of years. Still, they are third banana in their own home state, and have often been mentioned as a prime candidate for a move, even in the speculation of relocating a team to Los Angeles.

Moving an NFL team to London would be a bold move, whether it is the Jaguars or anyone else. The other thing not being talked about so much is the disadvantage it would not only put that team in for road games, but also their division rivals who would have to make an annual trip overseas. The Titans, Colts and Texans must be ecstatic at the mere thought of going abroad once every year. Nothing like a good long trip to London in week 17 to try and keep your playoff hopes alive while disrupting your entire season-long routine.

It is certainly understandable that the NFL would want to cash in on the market abroad and turn the sport into a more global game, and reap the rewards of that financially.

But it is a situation that must be carefully thought out and planned to avoid as many snafus and problems as possible before the Jaguars or any other team relocates to London haphazardly just for the sake of putting a franchise there.

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