Major progress reported on labor front today, impasse expected to end soon

Ratification could happen Monday National Football Post

Print This July 23, 2011, 05:00 PM EST

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The labor impasse could be about to end.

The NFL and the decertified NFL Players Association have reportedly agreed to a schedule where the NFLPA executive committee would recommend voting to ratify the proposed collective bargaining agreement, according to ESPN.

That would also include a plan for the NFLPA to formally recertify as a union after decertifying and operating as a trade association during the NFL lockout.

Per the report, players would be allowed to report as soon as Wednesday and then vote on recertification by Friday at the soonest.

Plus, there was reportedly progress as both sides got close to settling the $4 billion TV lockout insurance case.

A meeting from the NFLPA executive committee is expected to be held Monday in Washington, D.C.

In order to pass as far as the terms of the CBA recertify, the NFLPA needs a 50-percent plus one majority vote.

It's still possible that free agency might not start until July 30.

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