Michael Vick takes credit for starting running QB trend

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Jets quarterback Michael Vick believes he's the reason for the recent trend of NFL teams being more open to mobile quarterbacks.

In an interview with ESPN, Vick reflected on his career and talked about he's the reason running quarterbacks have had more of a chance in the past decade.

"I was the guy who started it all," Vick said. "I revolutionized the game. I changed the way it was played in the NFL."

Vick has a point. He's run for more yards than any quarterback in league history (5,857) and did so despite missing two seasons due to a jail stint stemming from his role in an illegal dogfighting ring.

But by no means was Vick the first mobile quarterback in the NFL. Fran Tarkenton was exceptional at making plays with his feet, as were Randall Cunningham and Steve Young. Even Donovan McNabb showcased his running skills early in his career.

Vick has been an exceptional talent on the football field. But to suggest he was a pioneer might be reaching a bit. In fact, one of the reasons mobile quarterbacks such as Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III and Johnny Manziel have been drafted has been due to their accuracy and arm strength, in addition to the ability to run the read-option.

While Vick's accomplishments should be noted, he may want to take a step back before proclaiming himself the reason for other quarterbacks' success.

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